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Find out what being the number one ranked site in Google is worth to your business.

Get top five rankings in Google without having to pay until you profit from the results. 

The average Google searcher spends less than seven seconds looking at the search results page before they make a click decision.

Regular search produces far more traffic than paid advertising and study after study proves people are more likely to click on search results than on ads.

Everyone wants to be number one in Google. And for good reason.

Cornell University did a study measuring the behavior of searchers first page of search results pages. Cornell concludes 86.9% of the first page clicks go to the top 5 listings. The results are amazing. Their study concluded that over 56% of all searchers clicked on the number one listing while the number 2 listing got just over 13%. If you want to quadruple your business, just move up from the number two spot to number one.

Not having a site ranked in the top 5 positions of Google is like ignoring the greatest marketing tool available to you. 

  • Over 75% of services are searched and found online
  • Over 80% of users prefer Organic - Natural results over paid ads
  • The majority of clicks are going to Organic listings
  • Users trust the Natural results to be more relevant to their search query
  • Your competitors are any site ranked higher than yours for your keywords
  • You can have the business or continue to give potential customers away.
  • The issue is not if SEO should be done but, who is the best qualified at it and how will it be paid for

WebForce Pro offers a one of a kind Performance Based SEO plan. This ground breaking program allows companies to get top Google rankings for their best keywords. In order to make sure companies are serious about getting top rankings and have some "skin in the game", WebForce Pro requires a small investment up front and incremental payments as ranking benchmarks are achieved. Full payment is not due until your website has been in the top position for 2 weeks. WebForce Pro focuses on Google results. Getting a top Google ranking, may also get you top rankings in Yahoo, MSN, AOL and many other search engines as a free bonus.

Not every site qualifies. There are some words and categories that don't have enough volume to justify the long term commitment and efforts we have to invest in a customer's business without getting paid. As a rule of thumb, you will need a marketing budget that you are planning on spending on this project. We will do the research and find out what dollars is needed to meet your goals. Then you pay a portion of that for setup. ( remember if you do not reach the goal all of your money is given back) As we reach ranking goals funds are paid out. 

To see if your site qualifies we need some basic info about your company. You have nothing to lose but more business to competitors.

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Find out what being the number one ranked site in Google is worth to your business.

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