Search Engine Optimization
Many times in the business world, an owner believes that once they have a professional website completed, that their online marketing campaign is done. This is not the case. A professionally designed website with compelling content that uses the latest marketing techniques is just the beginning. In order to have a successful online business campaign you need to drive traffic to your website. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to strategically place your website in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. There are two methods to accomplish this. The first is to organize a Pay-Per-Click campaign. Basically, this is equivelant to buying ad space on the search engines. As long as you continually pay for every click-through customer you will be able to maintain a position on the search engines. This method definitely works, but requires a steady stream of capital to keep it going. The second method is Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is a technique which requires search analysis in your expertise, both demographically and geographically. This extensive research uncovers what potential customers are searching for in a given area or for a given product or service. This knowledge can then be applied to a website in the content and in the coding of the site. The search engines use "spiders" to evaluate the content in your website and the actual coding of the website to determine the purpose and value of the website. This kind of targeted optimization will allow the spiders to quickly move a website up in the search engine results. What most companies won't tell you is that you do not need to optimize the entire website, optimizing just two or three pages will be effective.

Keyword Research
At WebForce Pro, we research what the most searched phrases and words are for your specific industry. We take this practice down to a very local level, by analyzing what keywords will be most effective in your geographical area. We incorporate these keywords in your website and coding so that the search engines know exactly what your business provides and who your ideal customer is. We take keywords one step farther by researching keywords by the demographics of your targeted customers. This added layer of research focuses in on your perfect customer. 

HTML Meta Tags
The Meta Tags are snippets of coding that tells the search engine spiders what the website is about. It is very important that these meta tags match the content on the given page. The search engines weigh content as the most important aspect of the website, but they validate the content with the meta tags to correctly categorize your website. Our experts will make sure that your content and meta tags work together to solidify your value and position in the search engine results.  


Search Engine Optimization
Our search engine optimization services will give your business the edge that it needs to launch your online presence.


$199 One time setup
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Package 1 Includes
1 page optimized
3 keywords
1 location

$399 One time setup
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Package 2 Includes
3 pages optimized
9 keywords
(3 per page)
3 locations (1 per page)

$699 One time setup
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Package 3 Includes
pages optimized
15 keywords (3 per page)
5 locations (1 per page)

Monthly Ranking Report: $7 a month

On Going Optimization:  $30 a month

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